Financing for Your Next Home in Eau Claire

Purchase with a Loan

You can purchase a home with a mobile home loan. Here are the steps for purchasing a home with financing in Villa Diann is straighforward. If this is your first home purchase or you are not familiar with financing, don't worry. We will help you during these steps.

  1. Call a Lender to Pre-Qualify
  2. Visit Villa Diann and Choose the Home You Want
  3. Submit Applications for a Loan and Lot Lease
  4. Move in After Approval

Get Pre-Qualified

Contact one of our trusted lenders to get pre-qualified for a home at Villa Diann. The terms of your loan will depend on various factors such as your credit history, income, down payment amount, and loan amount. Call us for additional information on the lenders or any questions.


Our lenders typlically require 10% to 15% down. With high credit score and good income, it can be as low as 5%. Because everyone's financial situation is unique, the only way to know the exact terms is to apply. We have seen that our buyers' total monthly payment on the homes are similar to renting in the area. 

In order to apply for a loan, lenders will typically need the documents from you: