New Costco is Opening in Eau Claire - 1 Mile from Villa Diann Mobile Home Park

Sep 20, 2023

Costco announced they are opening up a new store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin near North Crossing and US 53 - about a mile from Villa Diann Mobile Home Park. The construction crew is currently finishing up the construction. The opening is set for November 22, 2023, a day before Thanksgiving. 

Eau Claire Costco Store Openings in 2023

The unveiling of the Costco store in Eau Claire is a highly anticipated event in the area. Costco is renowned for its wide range of high-quality products and exceptional customer service at attractive prices. With this new location, Eau Claire residents will have easy access to this retail haven right in their own community. The store will be 160,000 square feet and include a gas station and a car wash. A Costco warehouse employs about 150 to 200 employees. Thus the store will not only provide a great shopping experience, but help the local economy as well. 

Live Close to Costco

We at Villa Diann are very excited about the new Costco store. Our residents will enjoy the benefits of convenient shopping and easy acces to the store's offerings in minutes. 

Working for Costco in Eau Claire? Check out Villa Diann 

Villa Diann would also be a great place for Costco employees who may be relocating from different regions or local areas. Living in Villa Diann would mean an effortless daily commute. You can easily walk to the store during good weather. In winter, you would not have to risk a long commute on cold, often icy and dangerous roads. The close proximity of the mobile home parks to the Costco location streamlines transportation, saving time and reducing commuting stress for employees. 

Costco is well known for its great benefits and work environment. Cost was ranked 7th on the Forbes list of World’s Best Employers in 2022. 

Owning a Home near Costco for the Price of Renting 

One of the significant advantages of living in Villa Diann near Eau Claire Costco is the opportunity to own a home for the price of renting an apartment or house. Our mobile homes provide a cost-effective housing solution, allowing individuals and families to invest in homeownership without breaking the bank. The proximity to Costco further enhances the overall value of this housing option.

Other Great Things About the Area

Apart from the convenience of living near Costco, Eau Claire has a lot to offer. The city is known for its vibrant cultural scene, outdoor recreational activities, and a strong sense of community. Residents can enjoy beautiful parks, trails for hiking and biking, and engaging local events and festivals. Eau Claire is also home to excellent educational schools, healthcare facilities, and a diverse culinary scene. From cozy cafes to fine dining restaurants, the area has something to suit every palate.

In conclusion, the opening of Costco in Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a significant benefit for residents of Villa Diann Mobile Home Park and nearby area. Want to become a homeowner near the new Costco? Check out our homes at Villa Diann.